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 Come join us! We are a fun bunch of Amigos that love to play golf every Saturday morning. We do have monthly tournaments however, more importantly, we are friends that enjoy each others company. As a result of this, most Amigos Golf Club members make it a point to meet up and play on a regular basis at other courses. In Amigo Nations' humble opinion, nothing beats having a regular group of amigos that completes your foursome on short noticed.

For those golfers who don’t have an established Handicap (HCP), no problem! The easiest way to establish a HCP is to bring your last 5 Scorecards with you when you join Amigos. By using your scorecards, we can get you a HCP through the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) within hours of joining our club. Hope to see all of you soon.



 The Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) was founded in 1899 to serve the many golfers and businessmen who were moving to Los Angeles. Representatives from five golf clubs met to form the SCGA, and two of those charter clubs—The Los Angeles Country Club and Redlands Country Club—remain members. The others, Riverside Polo and Golf Club (members of which later founded Victoria Club), Santa Monica Country Club and Pasadena Golf Club, have since disbanded. Since then, the SCGA has become one of the nation’s oldest and largest regional golf associations. By 1925, the SCGA had grown to 45 clubs. In 1971, the SCGA merged with the San Diego County Golf Association to bring the total membership to 171 clubs. In 1981, affiliate member status was created to include groups that didn’t have their own golf courses. That program, the first in the nation, has spread throughout Southern California and become a model for other golf associations. 

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